ROFI Multiverse Roadmap — Big EVENTS ARE COMING 🎉🎉

Legend Guardians
1 min readDec 20, 2021


Nearly a month after its official release, HeroFi is consistently ranked among the top projects in the GameFi world.

📌 On this month, the ROFI Multiverse project was launched with the release of Legend Guardians Open Beta.

✅ HeroFi Roadmap for December:

Establishing the “Add Liquidity” feature to unlock the $ROFI lock.
Establishing the “Stake” feature
- Open and sell “Blind Box” on Marketplace with ROFI, ROFI revenue will be burned
- Open and sell “Special Blind Boxes” on Marketplace with BUSD, the BUSD revenue will be used to add Liquidity
- Sell NFT Items with ROFI unlock

✅ Roadmap Update — Legend Guardians

👉 December 2021
- Separate the Hero after using Essence into 2 different NFT Items: Hero in HeroFi & Hero in Legend Guardians
- Users can sell & buy the Heroes and upgrade the star of these Heroes separately in the Marketplace

👉 January 2022
- Official Release on January 5th, 2022

The news is going far in the galaxy 🥳🥳

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