ROFI Multiverse and Legend Guardians New Update

After a period of research, with the purpose of gratitude to the old players who have accompanied Legend Guardians and ROFI Multiverse, the LG team would like to send you the following updates in the future.


  • Developing feature Stake LG Hero => Earn NFT Items RARE
  • Besides earning $LGFI tokens, the reward will also include earning other NFT Items
  • All will be done in Q1/2022

This is a new LEGEND GUARDIANS ROADMAP for your convenience.


  • Games in the ecosystem (including HeroFi) will have their own reward tokens. Private tokens besides paying rewards will be used to buy in-game items, stakes to earn NFTs
  • Developing a separate login account system for traditional users (non-blockchain)
  • Develop a system of consignment, collection of NFTs (reward Items and Heroes) between users and game publishers
  • Develop ROFI staking to earn rare NFT Items

All will be done in Q1/2022


  • Move the Shop into the game, open the portal to load tokens into the game on Dapp.
  • Release the ROFI unlock staking feature
  • Besides earning the $HFI token, the reward will also add to the earning of other NFT Items
  • All will be done in Q1/2022

Please continue to accompany Legend Guardians and ROFI Multiverse in the future


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