Legend Guardians
2 min readDec 20, 2021

To make your Legend Guardians experience more perfect, we are pleased to announce the “Bug Bounty” contest.

Join “Bug Bounty”, you will have a chance to win: 6-star Essence and many Essence Points ahead

👉 Time: 10 December 2021–3 January 2022
️ 👉 Join and send Tickets at
👉 Each bug reported will be counted 3 points
👉 You can earn more points by joining the “BONUS” section

🎉 TOP 30 Players with the highest score will receive Essence Points to experience in the future


  • Top 1: 5 Essence Points = 6-star Essence ~ 875$
  • Top 2: 4 Essence Points = 5-star Essence ~ 700$
  • Top 3: 3 Essence Points = 4-star Essence ~ 525$
  • Top 4–30: 2 Essence Points = 3-star Essence ~350$


  • Correct bug + evidence = 3 points


  • Shill video from other channels (TikTok, Youtube) = 3 points
  • Review to community (FB, Telegram) = 4 points

How to Report your bug

Step 1: Go to and click New Support Ticket

Step 2: Report your bug in as many details as possible

  • Wallet Address
  • User ID
  • Bug description

Step 3: Get a response from the development team

1️⃣ Each bug can only be reported ONE time to ONE User.
2️⃣ We encourage you to report multiple bugs in the same ticket. This will make it easier for us to fix bugs in the future
3️⃣ If you take someone else’s evidence (photo, bug, video), all points will be forfeited.
4️⃣ When participating in the BONUS section, be sure to attach a link, picture or video for us to compare
☑️ Example: Form Report is recognized by us
Wallet Address: 0xhd32831xxxxxxxxxx
Description: xxxxxxxxxxxxx