Legend Guardians Important Update after Open Beta

Hi All-mighty Guardians,

On January 15, the Legend Guardians Open Beta will come to an end. To make the game system more complete, ready for the Official Release on February 28, the Legend Guardians team will have the following changes:

* Stop the system using LG Essence to switch champions (ends at the same time as Open Beta at 0:00 AM UTC January 15, 2022)
We recommend that you upgrade your Hero’s star level today, otherwise you will have to raise the star 2 times for the ticketed Heroes.

* System upgrades using LG Essence
Team Legend Guardians will use a new hero transfer mechanism. With this mechanism, the newly created Hero in the LGFi game will be completely independent of the Hero in the HeroFi game. This will make it more convenient for you to experience.

To do this, we will:
- Pause the use of LG Essence Ticket to switch to the new mechanism.
- Adjusted LG hero creation mechanism: use Herofi’s Hero and LG Essence Ticket to create NFT LG Hero. NFT LG Hero will be independent of NFT Herofi in terms of Token Id, star upgrade system.
- Stop displaying the Hero market for LG Universe to upgrade to the NFT LGHero market.
- For Heroes who used LG Essence Ticket, we will convert the same Hero created in LG Universe

With the above changes, the Legend Guardians team will
* Convert NFT LG Hero that switched from HF to LG during the last Open Beta.
* Stop the Legend Guardians Marketplace for maintenance including buying and selling Hero, upgrading stars level

Team Legend Guardians are pleased to announce. Thank you for supporting Legend Open Beta in the past time

*The official release date of Legend Guardians will be announced 1 week in advance



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