Class: Hunter
Race: Beast
Basic Stat: Attack 171, Maximum Life: 1040, Amor: 180

Zena Midnight is a botanist hermit living in Frontier Forest. She lives in isolation from the rest of mankind and takes no interest in other things than silly traps she makes. With a short and slim feature due to undernourishment, it is hard to believe that Zena manages to carry all kinds of equipment with her in every hunt. It is also her undernourishment that she looked distracted and sleepy at the times; her bad memory even caused her to step on her own traps sometimes.

Zena’s Special Abilities:
🔥Multi Shot: Shoots quickly 2 times in a row dealing 85.6% damage
🕳Trap: Placing a seed on the ground, after 2 seconds will spawn a plant trap that deals 214% damage to enemies and stuns them for 3 seconds
⚔️Turret: Place 2 seeds on the ground, instantly sprouts 2 spikes that deal 50% of Zena’s damage
⚰️Passive Skills: Spirit Assault: Each enemy hit by a trap has an 11.2% chance of spawning an additional turret



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