Class: Shaman
Race: Beast
Basic Stat: Attack 107, Maximum Life: 1333, Amor: 255

Piwi is a Beast Tribe’s fox and a skilled adventurer from Frontier Forest. Piwi set off roaming to all corners of the Earth with his best friend, Kritcat.

During their adventure, the undefeated cunning pair traveled through many lands and rescued many poor souls. Let’s join them and have a fantastic adventure!

Piwi’s Special Abilities:
🩸Healing Totem: Creates a healing stake on the ground that restores 35% HP to nearby allies every 1 second in 5 seconds
✨Healing Burst: Summon a beam of light from the sky that heals yourself 20% HP and 10% allies HP, dealing 117.7% damage to enemies that touch the beam
🛡 Anti Magic: Removes all debuffs and increases 5.35% evasion to allies for 5 seconds
🗡Passive Skills: Iron Pain: Every time you cast a skill, you can increase the armor of yourself and nearby allies by 5.6% in 5 seconds



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