Class: Hunter
Race: Elf
Basic Stat: Attack 170, Maximum Life: 1050, Armor: 180

Millia is one of the Guard Captain of the Light Kingdom. She is the only one who remains unaffected by the “ecstasy drug” when Tensi conquers this world. Her archery is second to none among all archers living in the Light Kingdom and is exceptionally promoted to the Light King’s Guard before the King is captured.

Millia is quite the most mature one among all Guardians. With her seriousness and short temper, she always keeps her group going the right way and deal with any arising issues. She is the true leader of the team!

Millia’s Special Abilities
📌 Soul Bound: Shoot one arrow that blind one target for 4 seconds and dealing 42.8% damage every second
📌 Great Hawk Arrow: Shoot a large arrow in a straight line dealing 200.09% damage, knockback, and reduce enemy armor by 5% for 6 seconds
📌 Mini Sun Arrow: Stick an Arrow on an enemy, it explodes after 2 seconds, dealing 176.55% damage and reducing enemy movement speed by 18% for 4 seconds. Create a sun for 4 seconds that burns 50% damage every 0.5 seconds.

💪 Passive Skills: One-shot two arrows: 11.2% shoots one more arrow

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